Khushboo Uttam (born 01 October 1989) is an Indian Bhojpuri singer known for her albums as well as playback singing in Bhojpuri cinema.

She sings different forms of music, which includes folk,classical,and light, in several languages such as Hindi, Maithili, Magahi, Khortha, Nagpuri, Angika and Suryapuri.

Musical Career

Currently, she is the leading Bhojpuri playback and stage singer. After appreciation of her talent she started singing continuously as her profession and until now, she recorded approximately 7000 solo,duet and chorus-backed songs in several Indian language between 2006-2016. Her recent top albums are ”Paro Badnam Bhaili”, Saman Naikhe Ka Re”, P”achra Devi Mai Ke”, and ”Holi Me Ghare Aaja”. Her famous films are ”B.A Pass Bahuriya”, ”Sayiyan Hamar Dehati MilI Gayil”, BijuwaI Thela Wala, Tor Payal Mor Geet”, ”Milal Balma Ganwar”, ”Pyar Ba Ta Sansar Ba” and her latest movies are ”Insaaf Ki Devi”, ”Herouwa No.1” and ”Jai Mehraru Jai Sasurari”.

Awards & Recognition

She has been recognized as one of the most loved singer from the state of Bihar ans has been honored with various awards which include:

  • Bihari asmita samman — (2015)
  • Bhikhari Thakur samman for her contribution in Bhojpuri cinema and album industries
  • Shashakt Nari Samman — (2015)
  • Vaishali Gaurav Samman — (2014)